4 Nov 2010

Surprise!!!.... it is great!! simply perfect.

Alhamdulillah....dah selamat terima barang yg dinantikan selama ini iaitu Inspiron Mini Netbook!...it is great!...hadiah drp my lovely hubby...sempena apa tak taula pulak...tak kan sempena hari deepavali kot...hehe gurau jer tak kisahlah kan..btw..tq to my darling!...actually bukan tak nak beli kat Finland ni tapi tak berapa minat dengan keyboard yang ada writting bahasa finnish lagipun tak pandai pula berbahasa finnish ...nak order dari Malaysia jauh la pula so..order dari London jer lah. Lepas ni tak de lah nak berebut laptop dengan en.hubby lagi ..hehe...

sejak laptop yg satu lagi tu KO tinggal 1 jer laptop sekarang ni...en.hubby pula bila blk keja setiap hari dah menjadi rutin harian nak baca berita online so....kita pun nak guna juga..guna PC slow sgt...itulah kan betapa pentingnya IT dizaman sekrng...bukan kehendak tapi dah jadi keperluan. Anyway... i like mini netbook!... simple and smart.... now can carry around the house...senang nak bawa masuk dapur pun boleh..:D 

Pretty Pink colour...actually ada byk lagi colour lain boleh  tgk kat sini

Just sharing...:)

Inspiron Mini 10 (1012) Netbook

Social Connection

The Mini 10 makes it easy to stay connected to your world almost anywhere you go with select systems that have Ethernet, and / or Bluetooth® connections3. With select systems, travel far and wide without getting lost using the Location-aware GPS. And get optional mobile broadband3 on any Mini 10 you choose. Organize the entire family’s schedule and household chores and share media and more using the Cozi™ family organizer, available on select systems. And the Mini 10’s small, virtually weightless design lets you travel light while keeping up with your blog, video chat, instant messenger and email so you never lose touch with your family and friends.

Mobile Entertainment
The Mini 10 is designed to give you access to your favorite entertainment. When you’re on the go you can still be connected to email, shopping and more.

Seamless viewing
A bright 10.1", seamless widescreen display is designed to present websites without a lot of left-right scrolling. And its 16:9 aspect ratio provides a smooth, and vivid viewing experience.

A cinematic experience
Enjoy your favorite movies on select systems with an HD screen powered with Broadcom Crystal HD media Accelerator4 and SRS(r)Surround sound.

Digital TV4
Enjoy free live digital TV (and HD where available) on select systems with the internal TV tuner, wherever you can receive a broadcast signal. With digital TV at your fingertips, you can access all your favorite local channels and pause live TV up to 30 minutes.

Vibrant Color
Personalize your Mini 10 with any of the 7 eye-catching color options. Choose from Piano Black, Alpine White, New Cherry Red, Pretty Pink, Ice Blue, Gecko Green, Passion Purple, Promise Pink and (PRODUCT) RED™ . With a portion of the proceeds going to The Global Fund to help eliminate AIDS in Africa, you can now help save lives when you buy a Mini (PRODUCT) RED. With every purchase of a Promise Pink Mini 10, Dell will donate $5 to Susan G. Komen for the Cure® , one of the world's largest nonprofit breast cancer awareness organizations.

Smart Design
The Mini 10 was developed from the ground up to be the perfect companion, helping you stay connected3 while on the go.

Long battery life
No need to sacrifice portability for battery life. The Mini 10 offers up to 9.5 hours of battery life5 on select systems while keeping the weight of the system starting at 3.1 pounds. Plus, the Mini’s new design incorporates a 6-cell battery instead of it getting in your way.

The Mini 10’s new keyboard has been tweaked to perfection, and its new palm rest helps resist fingerprints. At 92% the size of a standard laptop keyboard, your fingers will be pleased with the Mini 10’s new keyboard with curved keys for a comfortable fit.

Simple and Smart Services
Dell DataSafe™ Online
Our optional online backup service offers data protection by enabling customers to back up data to a safe, remote storage site using a broadband connection. Dell DataSafe Online is designed to be easy, flexible and secure. After setup, it will automatically back up data and help protect against software, hardware and catastrophic failure.

Dell Remote Access
Enjoy what’s on your home PC from almost anywhere. With Dell Remote Access6 Basic, you can easily access photos, music, movies and more on your home system using another Internet-connected computer6. No more waiting until you get home to get the files you need!

Dell Support Center
Our centrally located, easy-to-use application provides personalized support resources. Conveniently located on your PC’s desktop with quick links to service, support and system resources. Helps keep your system up-to-date and running efficiently through automated fixes for common configuration issues.


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