12 Jul 2010

The Classic Strawberry Smoothie

Cuaca yg panas ni asyik nak minum air ais jer lah....itu juga yg sedap....so...buah strawberry yg dipetik dr ladang hari tu pun masih ada lagi...kita pun buatlah strawberry smoothie...memang sedap bila minum di kala cuaca yang panas-panas mcm ni...

sedap ni....ok cara nak buatnya senang jer....bahan dan resepinya spt dibawah..

•Vanilla Ice Cream
•Crushed Ice

The process of making a smoothie becomes very simple when you have a blender. First put the strawberries, ice and ice cream into the blender, as they will take a longer time to blend. Then add the sugar and give it another spin and your classic strawberry smoothie is ready!

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