26 Apr 2010

Useful Tips for the Diplomat's Wife

To carry out the role of a diplomat's wife is indeed challenging. A book written by Datin Seri Sharifah Aziah Syed Zainal Abidin contains useful tips for the diplomat's wives.

Among the useful tips from this book include the following:
1. A diplomat's wife should accompany her husband at post unless specified in a hardship posting, for example. While her career is important, some sacrifices are also required for the working wives.

2. Be gracious, be tactful and be respectful of others. These are some of the traits that may prove to be an asset to your husband's diplomatic career.

3. Avoid back-biting or back stabbing. It is an unhealthy habit.

4. A diplomat's wife should avoid arguments and quarreling with people. Be mindful of the fact that your 'transient' stay at post really is temporary. Bring home sweet and pleasant memories of your posting. Cherish it forever.

5. Be articulate. When asked for an opinion, say the right thing, choose the right words. Do not hurt anyone. And do not be too familiar with someone you have just met.

6. Protocol must be observed at all times.Everyone should know their place and position in the overall organisational structure.

7. Be considerate of others whose needs may be different from yours.
As much as possible, avoid patronising anyone.

8. Be house proud. Take good care of your house. Maintain a clean home and pay extra attention to your toilet/bathroom/powder room and the kitchen.This is yours and the country's image.

9. When your husband is posted to a difficult post, support him and don't give unnecessary stress by complaining about the place.

Wives should be happy to be with their husbands and their children wherever they are assigned.

10. Be a friend to all and enemy to none. Never intrude into the privacy of your colleagues and friends. Respect them. Accept all invitations unless you have an unavoidable matter to attend to.

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